Food for Life Nutrition & Cooking Classes: Diabetes

Easy, delicious, full-flavor cooking that’s good for you!

The Food for Life Diabetes Nutrition and Cooking Class’ goal is to empower people who have diabetes, or concerns about developing diabetes, along with their friends and family members with practical cooking skills and tips that make meals healthy and delicious.

Class beings with a short DVD on the role and potential of plant-based meal planning featuring Dr. Neal Barnard, followed with live food preparations of quick and delicious dishes. Each attendee has the opportunity to taste all the food prepared during class. Participants receive recipes, a summary on how to get started with a plant-based nutrition approach, and information on additional resources-such as recipes and webcasts-most of which are free. Participants are strongly encouraged to work with their health care team to safely make changes in diet.

Hosting a class is easy!

We look forward to working with you in educating our communities about plant-based nutrition as it relates to diabetes.

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